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PayPal certified and PCI DSS compliant – highest standard of safe credit card transactions.

BeeRent is an application suite designed to help you easily manage all of your favourite booking portals


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How we can help you with your business:

BeeRent is a software solution for all private renters and small agencies that independently advertise on all major sales channels. BeeRent is also the Channel Manager, Central Reservation System, a tool for inventory management and finance. BeeRent is designed as an intermediary between suppliers (you) and sellers (, Airbnb …). The main features of the program are, that everything you do in BeeRent is reflected on all sales channels where you sell your accommodation. The question “What can we edit and publish with BeeRent?”, the answer is:

  • Ad or edit the main information about your accommodation facilities
  • Ad or edit (change at any time) Prices and availability
  • All that was inserted or changed, automatically is updated on all booking portals
  • Select where you want to sell your accommodation (, Airbnb, Atraveo, Casamundo ….) in a snap
  • All reservations or cancellations get on one place.
  • Create and send invoices if necessary, submit customer data for advance payment, receive payment at your account
  • Imagine that all the information about accommodation, all information about reservations is at one place. This is BeeRent.

BeeRent is simple and extremely useful tool that reduces the costs and time.

and the best part of all: it is free!

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PayPal and Credit Crad payment
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Security above all:

BeeRent takes our customers’ data – and their guests’ data – very seriously. Our software is 100% PCI DSS compliant across all components of our all-in-one package.

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Payment process:

BeeRent is connected with major sales channels but some of them require that the owner of the property charge the guest. is one of them.

With BeeRent you get completely free your personal website from where guests can make online bookings and you can receive payment from them.

How does it all that works?


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