Omnichannel property management

Instant full Property data synchronization

PayPal certified and PCI DSS compliant – highest standard of safe credit card transactions.

BeeRent is an application suite designed to help you easily manage each aspect of your Travel & Leisure rental business.


BeeRent is simple and extremely useful tool that reduces the costs and time for Property owners, Hoteliers, Property managers and Agents

and the best part of all: it is free!


Security above all:

BeeRent takes our customers’ data – and their guests’ data – very seriously. Our software is certified level One PCI DSS compliant through our entire application suite.

pci-dss-compliantSSL Securitykaspserky-antivirus

Currently in BETA



Payment process:

  • Direct and reliable connection to all major sales channels.
  • Personalized website that captures direct reservations and payments, at the same time synchronizing newly acquired to each one of the leading booking portals.
  • The payment is completely handled within the BeeRent suit.

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